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American Academy of Protective Training

The American Academy of Protective Training and Technologies (AAPTT) as it was known when it was first founded in July of 1989 by William Morrison and his associates. AAPTT was created to fill a void in both the security and investigative fields to develop training concepts, materials and courses for security guards and investigative personnel in an effort to create a standard of security officer training comparable to that of any major law enforcement agency local, state or federal.

Mr. Moreno joined AAPTT in November of 1994 and began teaching security guard and shooting classes in March of 1995. Mr. Moreno then started developing courses for AAPTT where he worked closely with Mr. Morrison and together they improved the already outstanding core curriculum. This core curriculum was shortly adopted by Shannon Security Training Center based out of Inglewood, California and a few other vocational training centers where the 500 page course known as the Security Officers Standards and Training (SOST) became the Bible for security officers in the Los Angeles Area.

In May of 1996, Mr. Morrison became ill and began a long and hard fight with cancer. Mr. Morrison was then unable to continue neither managing nor working at the academy. He shortly turned the academy over to one of the managing partners by the name of Devin Laser who then focused the training curriculum towards Law Enforcement. Providing tactical training to departments and agencies throughout the continental U.S. with the development of training programs such as Force on Force, reality based scenario and stress educed critical thinking.

In June of 1998, Richard F. Moreno acquired the rights to The American Academy of Protective Training and Technologies and became the sole owner of AAPTT. In the beginning of September 1998, the name of AAPTT was changed to the American Academy of Protective Training (AAPT) and has carried on the tradition of developing new and innovative training programs, not only for law enforcement, military and security personnel, but also to include the law abiding citizens within the civilian population.

The torch has been passed on to a new owner. In January of 2012 the American Academy of Protective Training was purchased by Jasmine Marinoff, she has become the new owner and president of the company. Ms. Marinoff believes in the principles of top quality training. She is also a firm believer in developing reality based training for real world applications. Ms. Marinoff has asked the entire training staff to stay on with AAPT. In keeping with this long standing tradition and maintain the current level of training offered by AAPT. She has vowed to continue developing new, challenging and dynamic training courses for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Military and Security Personnel.

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